Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Development of THE DRESS!

As you know from my past posts I am having my dress custom made by the amazing Michele Nassaney. I am so excited that we have been going through the dress development steps. I thought I would share with you where we are up to!!!

The fact that I am recovering from surgery in NC for a few weeks really has made it easy to talk with Michele but even at a distance I have felt so taken care of by her. For those of you who are afraid to do a custom dress...don't be scared. The process (at least for me with Michele) has been easy, comfortable and GREAT!


Michele and I met last month to try on the corset. This is honestly the most important part of the dress. Once the corset is built then the dress will be fit perfectly to it and to your body. After trying on the corset and making a few adjustments Michelle began building the underlining and the over lining. We decided to go with an ivory satin for the base. This will all go behind the italian silk.

In this picture we are lifting up the satin lining and you can see the corset and the under skirt. Big thanks to my bridesmaid Morgann who helped hold things up - including me without my crutches :).

Here is another shot of the corset - Michele is making adjustments to the corset. We want to make sure it is TIGHT! I want everything held in :)

This is a picture of the lining - this will be under the Italian silk. We went with the ivory and Michele is beginning to make adjustments so the satin fits perfectly.

BM Morgann and Mama AC watching - check out those crutches :)

It was a long task and I really have stood for a while. Here is me with my crutch! Michele is cutting the bottom of the dress.

This is where we began talking about the skirt. You will remember that I am going for a skirt that is sort of trumpet but a bit more exaggerated. More like these:

More of the process:

This is a picture of my sister and MOH Meg. We were showing what it would look like with the Italian silk pleating at the top. I was sitting because I WAS GETTING SO TIRED OF STANDING WITHOUT MY CRUTCHES :(

This picture is when it all came together for me. We picked my trim with is a GORGEOUS Italian trim. Check out how perfect it is with the Italian silk pleating.
This process has really been incredible. I feel so close to the dress and have complete faith in Michele. The next steps is Michelle will begin the top by sewing the pleats. In a few weeks we will meet again and make a final decision about the skirt. Then we will cut!

Once we found the trim my whole scheme changed from my bridesmaids dresses. More on that to come!!

Michele Nassaney is amazing and her prices are VERY REASONABLE! If you are a bride that wants a one of a kind dress...get in touch with her! Her info is:, 917-309-8104 and her website is:

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