Monday, February 9, 2009

8 months to go

February marks 8 months until the big day. It is so hard to believe that it is only 8 months away. I know that the days will begin to fly by and that makes me super nervous! Questions are already flooding my mind: Will I finish all my DIY projects? Will everything fall in to place? Are my vendors prepared? All of these questions and I am still 8 months away.

Do most brides go from feeling so close to their day and yet so far away in the same sentence?!

According to Martha this is what I should have accomplished by now:
  • choose a groom - CHECK ;)
  • choose a date - CHECK
  • start a notebook - CHECK
  • choose a location - CHECK! (Banner Elk Winery & Blueberry Villa)
  • select bridal party -CHECK
  • put announcement in local paper - TOO EXPENSIVE!
  • pick a theme - GETTING THERE
  • decide on a budget - SET AND STRICT
  • hire a photographer - YAY! ( (more to come on her))
  • hire a videographer - YES! ( (more to come on them!))
  • hire a dj - CHECK
  • decide on bridesmaid dresses - STRESS STRESS NOT YET
  • guest list with addresses - DONE AND DONE
  • sign up for gift registry - ALREADY??! HAVEN'T DONE IT
  • engagement party - DO WE HAVE TO?
  • dress shopping - MORE TO COME!! SO EXCITED
I have now developed 3 excel documents that I am using. I really need to reduce it to one. I also created my own notebook that I am trying to keep updated. Originally I purchased a planner but decided I (of course) wanted to make my own.

I also am trying to reduce the amount of magazines that I have in my room. At one point there were stacks of magazines and that has to stop! I decided I would only save complete Martha Stewart Wedding Mags and cut out the pages from other wedding mags and put them into my book.

More to come on what the actual tabs are and how I am using the book (which I am not using nearly enough!)

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