Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Groom style: ties, ties, TIES!

I am so excited about the ties my dear Mr. AC has picked. I will admit I was nervous about what he would pick. I wanted it to be "cool" but wanted it to be 100% his choice. Well choose he did and I am in love with the ties. I have purchased ties from Cyberopitix before but Mr. AC hadn't been introduced before. Once I introduced him the ideas flowed.

His pick was this awesome tie called "swinger" - get it? swinging from the chandeliers. We are thinking either the Olive color or possibly a deep purple to match the girls:

Here are some of his other favorites. The Oak tie. He said "this is up there with there as a favorite." I love this tie and think it would be gorgeous for an outdoor wedding

The cable tie for the music lover in Mr. AC.

The "flake" for all of the great snow memories Mr. AC has.

He also really likes the "cuckoo".

I think these ties will really give the grooms style a boost. I am so excited for the pictures. Soon I will share with you a "groom style" inspiration board!


  1. Perfect! I love these. Good job Mr. AC!

  2. love the ties! all of them!! and thanks for the tie source - you know me, the tie lover, i am sure to order something! miss you and al. -pk