Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wedding Site Visit

2 weeks ago I was able to visit North Carolina and of course had to swing by the Blueberry Villa and Winery, where the wedding and reception will take place. I was a little nervous about heading there as I had only be one time before and the dead of winter can sometimes be tough in the mountains. I was pleasantly surprised at how amazingly beautiful the site was even in the dead of winter. I met with my florist for the first time (more on that to come) and met with the winery owner. My mom came along and one of my BM's, Morgann.

(here is mom AC and I being dorky! - don't you love our coordinating colors)

I wanted to snap a picture of the gorgeous arbor that we plan to use. My mind is already a flutter thinking of ways to "snaz" it up. I don't want to take away from the beautiful background but definitely want to compliment it.

(This is the ceremony site just 2 weeks ago)

Here are some pictures of ways that people have "naturally" decorated their arbors/arches:

Here is the "aisle" I will walk up to the ceremony.

(just 2 weeks ago)

( a year to the date of the wedding)

I am so excited about how beautiful everything is going to be in the fall.


  1. That is just going to be amazing. It is so beautiful! When a friend of mine got married (Lori - from camp) it was in Oct and at the same time of the evening and she had an arbor. She hung little mason jar votives from the arbor and it was literally the best arbor I have ever seen. She also had some flowers on it but the hanging votives were the magic touch.

  2. that looks so nice! what a gorgeous place to have your wedding