Wednesday, May 20, 2009


What is it about weddings and balloon pictures? They make me fall in love! I keep thinking of things I want to do for our engagement pictures, bridal portraits and day of! And balloons are a must!

These pictures are from the latest wedding on the Once Wed blog. They are by the amazing Jill Thomas Photography.

How about these! Sarah Yates is a photography god. I found these pictures on her website of an amazing engagement session!

I saw these posted on the great Style Me Pretty blog this week.

I am drooling over these yellow balloon engagement pictures by Erin Hearts Court. They are beautiful! The yellow really makes a statement.

(photos by Erin Hearts Court)

I am so excited to incorporate balloons into our photos. What fun props are you using for your photography?

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  1. check this one out too you could have everyone holding balloons when you guys leave. that would make for some really cool photos.