Tuesday, June 16, 2009

DIY Soap Instructions

I shared a sneak peek of my soap project last week and I am now here to share the directions. This project is simple and cheap. You can up the creativity and challenge by actually making your own soap (I knew that I didn't have time) but that is a great idea.

First things first -
Buy your soap. I decided to go with dial soap bars and bought 36 of them for $14. If you are planning to make more you can purchase soap at places like Sam's Club or other wholesale stores. Here is one that I found online: Kitchen Supply Direct

You want to go with a soap that is already wrapped but not boxed. I found that the boxed soaps seemed more like presents than soap bars. i tried ivory soap first.

Second -
Decide on your paper. I got a great deal on Martha Stewart paper at Wal-Mart ($3 a pack) but you can really use any decorative paper that you want. A few things to note here: your paper should not be too thick or too thin. You want to be able to easily fold it and also don't want it to be see through.

Third -
Measure your bar of soap. You can use these great directions from Creature Comforts for size or you can eye ball it.

Fourth -
Spice it up. I decided to also use my handy Martha Stewart punch for additional wrapping. I used stamps of our birds (a theme in our wedding) and also some left over twine/hemp. I am also creative a sticker to go on the back of the soap.

Fifth -
The soaps are complete and will stay fresh (since they are in their original wrapping (underneath). I will use the soap in the bathrooms at the hotel, villa and reception venue!

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