Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Engagement Photos - Part II

As everyone knows I am obsessed with balloons so the first round of pictures I shared are all with balloons. I really think they turned out well. We wanted to take some without the balloons too and I think they turned out well! Here they are.

These pictures were taken in Central Park. It was hazy/cloudy all day but I think it helped with the lighting.

This picture was taken on one of the piers in Chelsea.

We were so lucky to get to go on the High Line Park the day it opened. If you don't know about this park, check it out here. It is super cool!

(all photos by The Darling Life Photography)

We also headed to my roof to take some shots...shhhhh...don't tell my landlord. There was this cool beam that we sat on. It was fun up there. This was the first place we went

This last picture we took on the street in front of some graffiti . I added the "love is real" to the picture but thought it was fitting.

How did you feel when you got your engagement photos?


  1. Ok, picture #4 is brilliant. Great close-up shot, and I love the two of you smiling so big :) The B&W one on the roof is pretty striking too. I can't wait to do this myself someday... Will miss you at White Lake this weekend! Love, D

  2. The graffiti pic is breathtaking.. the colors, the looks on your faces.. just beautiful.

  3. I just love all of these!!

  4. I love each and every picture. I can imagine folks looking back 20 years from now and thinking how stylish these photos are. You two look very cute together too. I can't wait to see the wedding photos!