Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Wedding Shoes --- maybe?!

I haven't tried these shoes on but I saw them and fell in love. I have just ordered them and am using "the secret" so that they fit and are perfect! They seem to match the trim on my wedding dress perfectly and the heel isn't too high which is great!

I found them at Urban Outfitters and they are a bit pricey at $88. I feel ok about spending that much but didn't really expect to. I didn't think too much about the shoes but after seeing soooooo many great shoe wedding pictures I knew that I needed to find a good pair.

I love the detail in these shoes. I think they have a vintage vibe.

The shoes have other color choices including tan, black and pink. Check them out at Urban Outfitters. Did your potential pictures influence your shoe choice?


  1. oh man, i LOVE these. so much. I even want these and I don't wear heals....ever.

  2. those are really cute! my wedding shoes are also by Seychelles...I just love their shoes. They all have a bit of a funky/vintage vibe. It looks like these will match your dress perfectly!

  3. Its a very nice information about wedding shoes.Wow ,its look really nice shoes,I love that color,I think this shoes is perfect for wedding.great petter I like it.thanks for share it.