Monday, September 21, 2009

Calm Is Settling In

I must say...I am pleasantly surprised that the calm and excitement for the wedding are settling in. I am2 full days away from leaving for the big day (I am taking a whole week in North Carolina before the big day). I have shared so many projects with the Bee (and there are more to come) but I must say that I have been light on the "emotional" talk. I am the type of person that under stress shuts off all emotional expression.

I think now that everything is coming together, the projects are getting completed, my family and friends are getting excited, we are getting fun presents in the mail...I am catching on. I don't feel very stressed. I just feel excited.

There are some hurdles on the horizon but honestly I think I can take them like a true Olympian. Jump right over them gracefully.

We still have to finalize our music, create a few more projects, get a marriage license (we are cutting it super close to our wedding date) but honestly I just know everything will get done and work out.

People keep asking me what am I most excited about and I can't narrow it down to just one thing so I thought I would share the 10 things that I am most excited about.
  1. I can't wait to see Mr. AC at the end of the aisle. I know his smile will be huge and I know how excited he is. I am really excited for that moment.
  2. I can't wait to hear my cousin sing "To Make You Feel My Love" (by Adele) when I walk down the aisle. I know it will be nontraditional but I know it is exactly the right song for me. I am also excited that I am including the lyrics in the program so that people will know how much the words mean.
  3. I am excited and proud that my mom will be walking me down the aisle. She is my whole world and I am honored that she will be holding me up. And I am glad that my father will be on the other side. Our relationship has been (to put it mildly) challenging over the years but I am glad that he will be holding up my "other side" as we go down the aisle.
  4. I am excited that all of the fun projects I have worked on will be out in the open and I am excited about how many people have followed the blog and finally get to see the projects in action.
  5. I am excited about the videographer and the photographer. They are both so talented and I am so glad to work with them.
  6. I am excited for the food and the candy bar!
  7. I am excited to have all of the people I love in one place and enjoying themselves
  8. I am excited about how gorgeous my bridesmaids will look. I have such beautiful friends and I know they will glow. 2 of them are pregnant and I am excited to have their little buns in the oven part of the big day
  9. I am over the moon that my maid of honor is my sister, Meg She is (like my mom) my whole world. I know she is looking forward to the wedding and that makes me proud. I love her so much
  10. I am excited to become a wife. There is no one in the world that is a better fit for me and I will be super lucky to call Mr. AC - my love, my husband.
Ok that is emotion from me. Don't worry - I still have lots more projects over the next 2 weeks. Just thought I would give a little emotion ;).

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  1. I am so excited to see ALL of those things! It has been so incredibly fun to learn about all of your projects (they keep coming and coming...I get more impressed everyday), and am just so joyful that I will get to share this special day with two of my best friends.
    love you,