Sunday, September 27, 2009


I have totally gone overboard with paper products for this wedding. I fully admit it. But when you have such great paper it is easy to think of projects! I decided that we needed to have some signs at our wedding and I wanted to create a few on my home (regular ink jet) printer. I decided to make 3 signs.

1- "Sign our bench": This sign will be placed at the cocktail location next to the bench that we want everyone to sign as our wedding book.

2- "Love Is Sweet": This sign will be placed at the candy/treat bar.

3 - "Leave a note for the bride and groom": This will also be at the cocktail hour with little notes for guests to leave a note. I wanted them to have something to do!

Each sign is 18" by 9". I ran the signs through my regular home printer. I just used Msft Word and made the page size the exact size of the actual page size. I was nervous but it worked perfectly! I bought thick poster board that I plan to put these on using glue dots.

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  1. Hi there,
    I have randomly somehow come across your blog... I LOVE your invites, where did you get the amazing paper from? and what is the font that you have used throughout?