Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our Etsy Registry

We love artists and want to support their work. In honor of the amazing artists out there we are encouraging our guests to buy gifts for our wedding from Etsy. Please click on the pictures or links to buy. And if you buy us something - leave a comment and let us know!

Moonlit Trees by Meghan Elizabeth Potter on Etsy - $40

Square Bird and Branch Dish by Laurel Begley Ceramics - $14

Bird and Branch Cup by Laurel Begley Ceramics - $16

Super Bowl in Outfit pattern, Vapid colorway by Jill Rosenwald - $200

Daddy tree and baby trees - 2 Sets of Hand Painted Napkins and Placemats by Yunny Shop - $28

Pourer by Rae Dunn - $52

Conversation Starter Appetizer Plates Set of 4 by Custom Sepia - $32
Having a party? Liven it up a little with these "icebreaker" appetizer plates. Each one contains a question that will spark a conversation.

Custom Platter by Custom Sepia - $40 - Design your own custom platter for us!

NYC Coaster Set by PepperSprouts - $25


  1. I am starting with the NYC Coaster set. Just ordered it. Those are pretty sweet. I'm looking into a few other things also.


  2. How many of the mugs would you like?

  3. Either 2 or 4 would be amazing! Thank you!