Monday, November 16, 2009

It's Time: The Flowers

Before I talk about the bridal shoot that I got to do the afternoon of the wedding I must talk about the flowers. I loved my flowers so much that I wish I could have taken them home with me and had them forever. I knew that I wanted dahlias in rich jewel tones from the beginning. I even had dreams about the flowers. I worked with a NC florist who completely blows my mind. He is brilliant. His name is Jason Clodfelter of The Bitter Pear.

I wanted my bouquet to be rich with colors. I also decided that I wanted each of the bouquet's wrapped with the Italian trim that we used on my wedding dress.

(image by the amazing Anna Naphtali Photography)

(image by the amazing Anna Naphtali Photography)

(image by the amazing Anna Naphtali Photography)

For the arbor I wanted it to have a fall feel but still stick with the bright rich colors. Jason incorporated orchids and greenery. He also used lots of dahlias!

(image by the amazing Anna Naphtali Photography)

I had mason jars filled with flowers lining the aisle.

(image by the amazing Anna Naphtali Photography)

We wanted a "wow" piece at the reception and Jason created this bark piece. I love it!

We also wanted some "wow" pieces around the candy bar.

(image by the amazing Anna Naphtali Photography)

This picture was from the day after the wedding. Even then the flowers were still so gorgeous!

There were more flowers on the table. I will write about those soon! Up next, my bridal shoot on top of a mountain!


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