Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Choosing a videographer

So let me start by saying that I am biased. My background is in video production, I am deeply moved by movies and I know what makes a good "shot". I can't imagine not having decided to have a videographer capture our wedding. I am not here to convince anyone to spend extra money but I do want anyone that is considering spending a ton of money on flowers, invitations, programs or alcohol to really consider hiring a videographer. It is one of the best decisions that we made.

There are few things that go in to choosing a videographer:

1. You don't want someone that is going to cramp your style. You need them to fit in, get your vibe, get your relationship, understand what you want and be open minded.

2. You have to look at their work. Get examples, get reviews, get testimonials and really understand what their forte is. Do they love telling a story? Are they big on detail shots? Are they modern? Are they traditional?

3. Most brides create a inspiration board or vision board for their weddings....SHARE THIS WITH YOUR VIDEOGRAPHER. They are a big part of your day so make sure that they are "in the know" and get your style.

4. Don't get taken advantage of. DO NOT OVER PAY. Do some research. And don't get suckered into a million extra DVD's or extra coverage that you don't need. We had 6 hours of wedding day coverage, Wedding Highlights, Full Length Ceremony DVD and a Wedding Trailer. All for around $2,200 (give or take a few dollars).

Alan & Carolyn :: Wedding Trailer from FocalPoint Cinematic Weddings on Vimeo.

5. You will get what you pay for but creative. If you don't have extra money for a videographer reach out to a college with a great broadcasting school (I was in a program, I would have loved an extra $300 bucks to edit a video for a wedding), ask around for friends who love taking videos of their kids/friends/dogs, rent a camera. There are options out there if you can't afford to hire a "professional". IT IS WORTH IT, even if it isn't professional!

6. Once you find the right person give them time to scout locations. It is really important for the videographer to be comfortable where they are shooting and to find "interesting" and "compelling" shots.

Alan & Carolyn :: Highlights from FocalPoint Cinematic Weddings on Vimeo.

7. Another **could be controversial option**if you are expecting your family or friends to give you a big gift, ask them to group together and get you a videographer! Maybe this is a good job for your MOH or the mother of the bride/groom to organize. People want to give good gifts, they want to make you happy and they don't want to get you glasses that you won't ever use. Find a way to hint that a videographer is a great gift!!!

And with that. I am open to answering any questions about videographers! More recaps coming soon.


  1. I actually just stumbled across your website and am loving all you amazing ideas and DIY projects!! I was wondering what kind of font you used on all the stationary products? The one you have on the header of this site...?

  2. Thanks for the many advises. You know i think its great that you really capture something important like wedding on video. They're once in a lifetime events and you may really want to have something that tells you how big that day was. I think its lovely, very pretty to have those kind of moments caught on tape. By the way, this couple look very good with each other. Best wishes and hope you have more wedding anniversaries to come. XD

  3. I have been trying to find an invitation that I liked, and I've searched and searched. I finally found one on your website. I just love your diy invitation with the brown background, wood grain paper, and cranberry touches. I especially love the love bird graphics. I was wondering if you could maybe tell me where you found this graphic because my fiance and I would love to use it in ours. We would greatly appreicate it.