Friday, April 15, 2011

DIY Burlap "Love" Banner

Hello Hive. Long time no hear from me. I couldn't stay silent on this project. I thought there might be a lot of you who want to do it! 

I have been super inspired by burlap lately and wanted to make a banner for an upcoming engagement shoot that my husband is doing. It turned out to be a super easy project and I wanted to share with you the details: 

 What you need for my (easy) Burlap Banner version:
  • burlap (you can buy this at any craft/fabric store, some hardware/farm stores even have thicker versions. 
  • scissors (any kind! sharp.)
  • sharpie markers (you determine the color...I used black and red)
  • needle and thread (khaki colored thread)
  • thick hemp (or ribbon) - I got mine at Wal-Mart
  • letter stencils - these are what I used Stencil Ease (from Hobby Lobby)
Step 1:
Lay out your hemp and determine what size flags you want to create. I used a word document and literally threw a triangle on it. Printed that out (home printer) on card stock. Cut the stencil and there you have it! 

Step 2: 
Lightly trace the flags onto the hemp. I used a thin sharpie for this. Use the top seam as a guide. 

Step 3: 
Cut out your hemp flags using your scissor. Don't worry if they aren't perfect lines. The hemp provides a rough edge (which is really nice!)

Step 4: 
Use your stencil to stencil the letters on. I wanted to keep this super simple and just used a sharpie to trace the letters and fill them in. Some things you can put on your banner "Love", "In Love", "Just Married", "Marry Me", "Forever" and my favorite "Bliss"

 Step 5: 
Create a heart stencil. I just used word. Print the heart out and trace it onto your burlap. I used a red sharpie for this and colored it in. Super easy!!

Step 6: 
Get your needle and thread (this would obviously be a lot easier with a sewing machine!). Line up your letters, slightly overlapping the edges of the flag. And sew the hemp string onto the back of the flags. My stiches went around the hemp and through it. 

How easy is that!!

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  1. LOVE THIS!! Thanks so much for posting, it's great & I just might have to give it a shot for my upcoming September wedding! = )