Thursday, September 25, 2008

the bling...i mean ring!

a week and a half after wearing the ring i am excited to share the details with you of how the ring came to be!!

alan and i looked at quite a few designs to come up with something unique but classic. i found a ring at james allen that i really liked and decided to somewhat copy the design.

i was very lucky to be introduced to a great jeweler in texas. her name is francie runmark and she has the ability to not only find great deals for diamonds but find you the perfect ring.

she worked with us to decide on the perfect center stone (we went with cushion cut!) and the best setting. this was all via email, picture texts and phone calls. she sent pictures of the diamonds on her hand and i even went so far as to cut it out and tape it to my finger. obsessed? NO WAY!

and is the ring! (please don't mind my aged fat fingers)

we had a little fun with the ring! diamonds and favorites!

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