Thursday, November 6, 2008

Guy and Dolls

when it came to picking my bridesmaids (and bridesman) there were no doubts. the people that will be standing next to me have been my champions, friends, supports, laughs, tears and more.

i wanted to share a few words about each of them.

my meg. my little sister. my maid of honor. she keeps me sane and is my always.

my jaime lynn. my bff & roommate from college (appalachian state university). she is my fun and constant.

my devon. my best friend since i was 12. she is my guidance.

my morgann. my appalachian ambassador bff. she is my calm.

my heidi. my fellow communications genius. she is my kindness.

my patrick. my new york love. he is a male version of me and i would never have made it through the last few years without him. he is my gem. (get to know him more on his blog: ABlogAboutThings

i can't wait for the big day with these team :)

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