Wednesday, November 19, 2008

lessons from my best friends weddings

3 of my best friends are married and i have learned so much from each of them. i wanted to share a picture from each of their weddings and the lesson i learned.

devon was married in may of 2006. i was so lucky to be a big part of this wedding. from helping to find the perfect dress in nyc to making the invitations together. what i learned from devon was: the day is about you. the stress, worries and dramas will all fade on your wedding day and on that day there will be no doubts, no questions, just peace.

heidi was married in june of 2007. her wedding was on the incredible lake wylie and was amazing. what i learned from heidi was: weddings are about family, about the people who have been in your life and impacted you, weddings are about the melding of 2 families no matter how hard that might be.

heidi's brother weston, a marine, was unable to make it to the wedding because he was serving in iraq. heidi's mother-in-law was able to arrange a video phone call between the bride and her brother. it was completely moving and emotional. here is a clip from the charlotte observer who did a story about heidi's big day and her brother. read it here.

jaime was married in august of 2007. her wedding was in her home town of mt. holly. what i learned from jaime was alot :). i learned to think out of the box. her reception was at the new gorgeous white water center in NC. i also learned to just be calm. jaime was drama free and so easy to be around on her big day. i also learned that the day should be all about what you want it to be and it is about family.

these girls continue to share their advice and welcomed opinions. it is nice not to be the first one to take this leap!

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