Monday, November 17, 2008

our photographer

Picking a photographer was quite the task. I thought about it for months (before I even was engaged). I drool over photographer blogs and dream of their pictures.

There were a few musts for me. Creativity...quirkiness...nontraditional.

I had quotes from 10 photographers after only 2 weeks of being engaged...(obsessed?! NO.) The prices were tough to handle...from $4k to $8k and I didn't know what to do. I really wanted to spend that much but then the economy took a turn and so did I.

But then....divine intervention. I reconnected with an old (extremely talented friend) named Anna. And by chance she had just launched her new photography company Anna Naphtali Photography. I was completely floored. Her pictures were beautiful, her spirit is amazing and so I got in touch with her and locked her in.

I feel so great about the calm and excited to work with someone I know, admire and trust. She is incredibly talented.

Hire her!! here is a link to her blog

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