Wednesday, February 11, 2009

bridesmaid dress freakout

I am having a bridesmaid dress freak out. I want a dress to just speak to me. I want it to fit with everything and just "speak to me!". But so far nothing has done that.

I am contemplating picking a color and letting the girls find a dress that matches. I love weddings that have similar dress color shades. Check out these 3 weddings. The girls all have different dresses and they look so great!

(photo by the amazing Wide-Eyed Photography)

(photos by the amazing Anna Naphtali Photography)

I am starting to feel the pressure to make a decision but really want to find the right fit! Some of my girls have expressed that having the same dress helps them to stand out and "feel more special". I agree that having 1 dress makes you feel "special" but I also want everything to look a certain way. AHHHH (that is me screaming).

So what am I looking for? Here are my requirements.

The dress must:
  • be either dark/deep purple, dark/deep pink/ or gold
  • the dress can be short or long
  • the dress must express rustic but elegant
  • the dress must feel slightly vintage or super modern but not traditional and not typical
  • the dress must be perfect
Do I sound like "bridezilla"??!! I am scared I might :)

Here are four dresses that I love that fit my description:

(image source)

(image source)

This dress speaks to me but it is grey and sold out :( but the price is only $74.99. If it wasn't sold out I think I might would change my entire idea and get this one.

(image source)

HELP, HELP, HELP! Which dresses do you like? What do you think? Know any that you think I would love? Please share!

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  1. I agree that the grey dress is great....fits your wish list items too....sold out :(. Not to add stress but could they be made??? Not that I am talented enough to offer...