Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Proposal

So I have shared with you the story of the ring and now comes the story of the proposal. We planned this engagement to a T. And when I say "we" I mean "we". We knew a year ago that we wanted to get married in 2009. We also knew that we wanted to get married in October of 2009 so we started planning.

We decided to buy the ring together. I didn't feel like it was fair to put the financial burden on my grad student groom so we did it all together and shared the cost.

We planned, designed, talked, researched and finally got the ring. We made one rule the ring would be shipped to Mr. Apple Cider and I wouldn't see it. We had one slip up...the jeweler sent a picture of the ring to my email but I knew what it was and deleted it from my inbox. (including my deleted items - thanks to Patrick my bridesman)

So then the waiting game started. I knew Mr. AC had the ring and since we are long distance I thought, there is now way I won't know when it is coming.

And leave it to Mr. AC he found a way to surprise me. I travel often for work and usually take a red eye from the west coast back to the east coast on Fridays. On September 12th I got on a 10pm flight from the west coast, set to arrive at 6am the next morning. When I landed Mr. AC called to "make sure I landed". I told him I was fine, was exhausted and was heading home to go to bed. I told him to go back to bed, that I would call him later and see him in a few weeks. I ended the conversation saying "I wish you were at my apartment right now." He replied "me too babe."

Little did I know he had arrived at my apartment the night before to propose that next morning. I arrived at my apartment (looking like a hot mess) and preceded to carry my heavy suitcase up 6 flights of stairs (yes, I live 6 flights up with no elevator). I walked down my long hallway to my room and the door was closed. I thought, this is super weird. Then I opened it and my whole world changed.

(please don't mind those frightening circles under my eye or my scary face!)

My entire colorful room had turned white and there were at least 100 candles with different colored rose petals all over my floor, bed and in between all the candles. It was only 7am so the room had a soft sunlight glow and the candles magnified that. I was in complete shock to see him and said "what are you doing here"?!! (I mean, Miss AC, wasn't it obvious). I can't remember everything he said...I was dazed...but I know I heard the word wife being spoken as he got down on one knee and it made my heart smile. I, of course, said yes. We then called our families and woke our friends up!!

(Mr. AC on the phone with his family)

We took a little nap (reminding you I hadn't slept all night) and then I got freshened up and we took pictures.

That night we went to dinner with friends to celebrate! It was really special and somewhat nontraditional, but that is certainly the kind of couple we are!

(my dear NYC girls)

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