Monday, February 16, 2009

Map Obsession: Part 1

Are maps really necessary? Is it worth spending money on? My mother would say no but I think they are a must! I have been thinking about my maps about as much as I think about my invitations. I have been inspired by many that I have seen online.

(map by Laura Hooper)

(map from the etsy shop of Trial By Cupcakes)

(map from the etsy shop of A Hot Pink Petticoat)

I knew after looking at these awesome maps that I needed one but couldn't afford to have one custom made.So I went through the steps of creating my own. More to come on that!!

First here is what I had to work with.

(this map isn't bad, it seems simple to follow but has no HEART! you know what I mean)

(this map is from Google but also has no heart!)

I decided to make my own but you will have to wait until the next post to see it!

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