Monday, March 16, 2009

Centerpiece Idea: Fabric Gourds

I am a fall bride and proud of it...however I am not that in to pumpkins or the color orange. For the right bride the colors would be gorgeous but for me...not so much. However, I love the idea of using gourds and fall like items. This weekend I discovered the Etsy Shop of Bubbletime and fell in love with her fabric gourds.

I think you could also buy one of these and use it as your "ring pillow". So cute! The prices are awesome. Ranging from $10 and up.

I bet if you emailed Jenny at Bubbletime she could custom something for you! What a fun idea. Are you a fall bride? Are you incorporating typical fall themes into your wedding?


  1. I love these, but they remind me too much of these tomato pincushions that my grandma had. Skip 'em.

  2. I think these are fun. I love the white ones. They would look cool just hanging out in random spots. Maybe you could have some at your photo booth (aren't you having a photo booth?) for people to use as props and play with. Just an idea.