Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Honest Dress Opinion

I am putting it out there. I am on the fence about a few things when it comes to my bridesmaids dresses. I mean...I know that I have written about this TOO MUCH but it is one of my biggest stresses. I want the look to be "right" and I want the girls to be comfortable. I have given my girls a chance to choose...If there was 1 that they loved the most that would make my life much easier but they are all so easy going and wonderful and want me to decide! So here are the 2 dilemmas.

Let me remind you of the setting. An evening (5pm) wedding in the Fall (October) at a winery. I could go either way.

Short Inspiration

Jonathan Canlas Photgraphy via Snippet & Ink

Lizelle Lotter via Once Wed

Long Inspiration

Our Labor of Love

Instyle Weddings

I have narrowed the dresses down to the following. On the short side I am considering this from Nordstrom. The bad part about this dress is it is back ordered until June so none of my girls will be able to try it on. BUT....I tried it on a few months ago and DIDN'T love it. The price is good at only $138.

(image via Nordstrom.com)

On the long side. I am thinking of going with these 2 dresses from David's Bridal. My bridesmaids have tried on the 1 strap and it looked really nice. I would let them choose if they wanted the strapless or the 1 strap.

Here are 2 of my bridesmaids and my MOH(and sissy!). The far right is the 1 strap and it looks SOOO great on her. I didn't love the other 2 dresses but the strapless and 1 strap really looked good.

Ok...a few questions for the hive on these dresses. (1) Does the 2 different materials look weird in the pictures? (2) Do these dresses look cheap? I don't think so but must ask (3) Does the 1-strap look to Grecian?

Thank you in advance for your help!!!!


  1. The Long 1 strap gets my vote! Gorgeous!!

  2. In case you go for the V neck long one, I've got an extra one in a size 8 you're welcome to purchase for less. We ended up going with the nordstrom dress. I'm not really any help b/c I had the same dilema. Good luck!

  3. I love the short ones... only because I think they'd more likely to wear them again. Otherwise, I love the 1-strap and don't think it's looks too grecian. I think it's different, which makes it fun.

  4. I'm not crazy about the short one... the long ones look more comfortable. And let's not kid ourselves about being able to wear bridesmaids' dresses again :) I actually like all three long ones, especially Meg's and the one-strap. Fabulous color. And the two different materials do NOT look weird.

  5. I like the idea of letting them mix it up. I like both the one strap, and the strapless in the long purple (you know I've been partial to the long dress!).

    To make Meg stand out, I must say, she looks REALLY pretty in the style she's wearing.

  6. Q: is that a sash hanging down the back of the dress? I really like the one on the far right--I don't think its too grecian and I too like the idea of mixing up the dresses. I can hardly wait for October!!! Love, MoG

  7. I really like that long strapless one AND I like the idea of short because it is outside...But, I can also see long because it is October in Boone and at night, so a long dress fits that too. I would say my favorites are the long strapless and the one strap long one.
    Good luck!! love-lynn

  8. um, I really like the Lizelle Lotter one.

  9. how do i find out how much they are ?