Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Talented Family - Use them! Part 1

I have an incredibly talented family and will be taking full advantage of them for the wedding :)! This first post today is about my cousin Dorsett. First of all, with such a cool name like that she must be talented! Dorsett is an incredible photographer. She is based in Atlanta but shoots weddings, portraits and more throughout the SouthEast. While she would be awesome shooting my wedding I really wanted her to be a part of the day and enjoy it and the photographer is always so busy that they can't be a "real guest". But my cousin has offered to shoot my bridal portraits and my rehearsal dinner and possibly a bridal luncheon. What an awesome gift! I wanted to share some of her work. I feel so lucky!

(I really love this engagement shot!)

(this is one of my favorites with the look through the window)

With the recession looming you have to try and find ways to save money. I learned (from Dorsett) that if you have talented family and they have a gift to give you should let them give it. For Dors, she feels so comfortable behind a camera that letting her give me that is special to her. Here are some of her "portraits" bridal and non-bridal. I love her style!

(you know I love this one with the headpiece!)

(what a great location this would be for a bridal shoot!)

I am going to write about other talented family members soon! Check out Dorsett's website for more on her work: www.dorsettclarkphotography.com and in a few weeks/months I will be able to share my pictures.

Do you have any talented family members who are helping you cut costs for your wedding?

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