Tuesday, April 14, 2009

If I was cool enough...

If I was cool enough I would have begged Mr. AC for these kick butt invitations that one of my favorite blogs, designer, printers posted on their site. Studio On Fire has the most kick butt stuff on the planet. I drool over their stuff weekly.

Check out these totally rad invitations that one couple had designed and letter pressed. They really are incredible. The details, the idea, the design, the colors! The designer (according to the Studio On Fire folks) is Adam Ramerth of Price of Design. I am in awe of the talent.

My invitations will be simple but the wow effect of these invites makes me want to redesign everything. I can't wait to see how this couple's wedding came together. I hope someone features it. I bet it will be incredible!

(image source)

Did you go the traditional route when designing your invitations? Or did you go a more funky route?

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