Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Honeymoon Decisions

Mr. AC and I are excited about our honeymoon and we have made NO decisions on where we are going. I must say that whoever created the "honeymoon" should get a wedding invite because it is such a great idea. A vacation after the best day of your life. For Mr. AC and I, having spent years apart, the idea of days together as husband and wife is just so exciting.

BUT...we have a dilemma. Where should we go? We keep changing our mind and finding new places and I would love to get ideas and thoughts from the community.

Honeymoon Idea Numero Uno
Renting a gorgeous cabin somewhere in the mountains of NC, TN, VA or WV. The cabin would be large and beautiful. Have a great view, a jacuzzi and be located near an adorable town where we can wine and dine.

these aren't real homes just log home mock ups
but you get the idea!

Here is what we like about this idea:
1) It is relatively local - no flying (especially for this fear of flying bride)
2) It will be relatively cheap
3) It seems less stressful not having to fly anywhere
4) It will be peak leaf peeping season

Our concerns with this idea:
1) Are we missing the opportunity to be on the beach?
2) Will we get bored?
3) Are we less likely to unwind so close to home?


Honeymoon Idea Numero Dos
Going to the Rivera Maya in Mexico. We have lots of friends who went to different resorts here. They had the BEST time. They loved the resorts, the great food and drinks, the activities and being on the beach.

El Dorado Maroma

Here is what we like about this idea:
1) It is pretty inexpensive
2) We know people that have been there
3) We love the idea of getting a tan and laying on the beach in October

Our concerns with this idea:
1) We have been to a resort before that was all inclusive...will we be bored
2) Sometimes these resorts overwhelm you with activities and attention


Honeymoon Idea Numero Tres
Heading to the amazing St. Lucia and staying part of the time at either the Ladera Resort or Jade Mountain. Everything we have read about makes this look like the perfect place for us. We love the outdoors. We love camping. We love the mountains. We have heard great things about St. Lucia.

Ladera Resort


Jade Mountain Resort

Our concerns with St. Lucia are:
1) Holy Moly it is expensive
2) October is Hurricane Season
3) Purely my concern, I saw a photo with a HUGE spider and I was already scared?!

Hive...what should we do? What are your ideas? Are there any places we should consider?

Also, I really had no idea how much people spendon honeymoons. We really only wanted to spend about $2,000 but is that realistic?


  1. St. Lucia is great and if you want to do it on a budget with the cabin feel of your first option, you should check out balenbouche estate.

    It's an old plantation and you can rent cottages on the grounds. Truly beautiful, eco-friendly, affordable and romantic!

  2. Riviera Maya!! You will NOT get bored. It is awesome! El Dorado Royale is where we stayed. Honestly, I wish I could go back right now. We loved every second of it and never got bored. But if you do get resort stir crazy, there are tons of things to do in the area...ruins, deep sea scuba diving, etc...It was our first choice and we don't regret it!

  3. My hubby and I stayed at the El Dorado Seaside suites for our honeymoon and El Dorado Maroma for valentine 08. It is an amazing place. We loved that it was very small and intimate. The food was also amazing. The only thing I didnt like was there wasnt a outdoor swing bar like at the seaside suites. We had a room with a bed on the porch, it had privacy curtains (amazing).I have also seen many great deals for these resorts lately as I have been looking for a Mexico girls trip. Good luck!

  4. I would totally choose Mexico - I have some friends who spent their honeymoon in the Riviera Maya and had the best time ever. Plus for the price it's well worth it (and worth you getting over your fear of flying). St. Lucia is overpriced!! Love - Cousin Bonnie