Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Adorable Belts

Hunting on Etsy is a hobby of mine. It is seriously what I do to relax, slow down after a long day and be inspired. I found these belts and thought they would a perfect wedding accessory. I think a bride could use them on her dress, on the bridesmaids dresses, for a flower girl. So many options. I found these in the Etsy shop of The Art Hive.

My favorite by far is this navy and pink one:

I think the pink one is really sweet too.

For the red brides:

I realize that some of you awesome craft brides could make a version of these but for those brides that have a little cash and want to save some time I suggest checking out Etsy and Sarah Bader's belts.

What are some ways that you are incorporating cute accessories into your wedding?

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