Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Wedding Dress Trim Changed EVERYTHING!

I picked my wedding dress trim and it changed everything. I fell in love with this trim, it is AMAZING but is a grey/blue color.

Sorry the picture isn't the best but I don't want to give too much away to Mr. AC (refer to my dress post from earlier this week to see it more clearly)

The trim will be very small but after discussion with my bridesmaids and the dress designer they really thought the purple bridesmaids dresses wouldn't perfectly match. So we decided to make the trek back to David's Bridal and see what we could find.

Here is the good news! I made a decision about the style. You will remember from all of my posts that I have been having such a tough time deciding about the dresses. Well I decided to go with the long DB dresses. Some girls will wear the 1 strap and some will wear the strapless.

I really loved the purple BUT discovered the color marine and thought that might be the best way to go. The color Lapis(dark purple) and Marine were so similar.


Here is an impromtu picture of the trim with the marine dress:
The pictures on David's Bridal make the colors look much different but after seeing them in person the change seems subtle.

I made the decision today and I am planning to stick by it and conform to it. It has been such a process but I feel really great about these dresses. I just love that my girls will look classy, be comfortable and be in dresses that I would love to wear.

Here is my sister and MOH in the 1 strap dress (in the purple lapis color)

This is a picture of a strapless dress (NOT THE DRESS) in the marine

The color change throws me for a little loop but honestly...i am really happy with it.

Did you feel an overwhelming sense of relief when you picked your bridesmaids dresses? How do you feel about marine vs. purple?

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