Friday, April 24, 2009

Marine...and breath!

I am adjusting to adding the color "marine" to my color palette. I am not second guessing...I am excited but must admit I am nervous. I decided I better update my inspiration board and headed to one of my favorite blogs to get inspiration. I read the AMAZING Snippet & Ink Blog every single day. It is put together so incredibly. I decided to try and find some inspiration boards that will work with my "marine" choice. I found this inspiration board which seems to fit with my colors.

(source - the amazing Snippet & Ink Blog)

And I found this when perusing Flickr.

After really thinking about it I started wondering...does it really matter? I am stressing about a color...a simple color! They are all so similar. So I am taking a breath and once again reminding myself to embrace MARINE!

I decided to re-do my inspiration board to incorporate MARINE. I am feeling really good about it now.


Why is it that brides spend SOOO much time thinking about colors and changes to their "wedding ideas"?

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  1. colors are so important!! I really like the addition of the marine. You can still pull all the purples and magentas in with the decor and flowers. I love that green bouquet from the Flickr photo but I know its not part of your scheme. I can't wait till you do a post on flowers!