Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Unique Guestbook Ideas

Mr. AC and I try to be different. When it comes to our wedding we want people to think about some of the unique angles and be impressed (who doesn't right?!). Lately guest books have been on my mind. I actually never really understood guest books. In 20 years am I really going to forget who came to my wedding? I think guest books have really evolved from a record of who attended the wedding to ways to offer the bride and groom advice or their thoughts. You don't have to be traditional when it comes to guest books.

(see below for more info about how we plan to use a bench as our guest book)

With that idea in mind Mr. AC and I plan to embrace the guestbook idea and find a cool way to incorporate it into the wedding! I have been hunting on the web for inspiration. I have seen some really cool guestbooks here on the Bee.

Check some of the inspiration out:

This idea by the amazing Mrs. Lovebug stole my heart - she decided to use a vintage typewriter and the "guest notes" were thrown in the waste basket.

This idea by the awesome Mrs. Emerald is neat - she decided to use her awesome engagement photos and turn them into a book to be signed. I also saw this idea on Snippet & Ink and was floored by the idea. This couple saved artifacts from their relationship and created $25 blurb book. How awesome is this!!!! If only Mr. AC and I had hung on to everything!

This wedding has been talked about EVERYWHERE but it is just too incredible not to mention. I love how this bride (from Oh My Deer) incorporated doilies as her guest book.

This wedding from Snippet & Ink used their own photo booth and Polaroids. They used the chalkboards to write messages and put these into a book.

This idea has also stolen my heart. I found it on the awesome Brooklyn Bride Blog. The idea is to use a rolodex and have people write lovely message on lovely address cards. Vintage Glam Blog has a great DIY for this. Check that out here.

The idea that we love the most and are likely planning to go with is to have our guests sign a bench that will then be part of our home. I got this idea from an incredible wedding I saw last year.

We have a few very talented wood working friends. Mr. AC is hoping one will take on the project for us!

What are you planning for your guest book? What are some of the coolest guest books that you have seen?


  1. I have never seen the bench idea and i LOVE it! Perfect if you go with the "wood" theme for all printed materials.

  2. oh. my. God. I just drooled all over my keyboard.

    time for me to write an inspired blog post!!