Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Now I have to have a shower!

I will admit that when I was first engaged I didn't want any showers. I just didn't understand them and didn't want a lot of hullabaloo made about me as "the bride". But my FMIL really wanted to throw one and my sister said I needed to have one and I have decided to embrace the idea. PLUS, when I saw everyone posting about "shower dresses" I got extra excited. I just bought 2 dresses from Mod Cloth Online and I am planning to wear them to my showers!

(I am in IN LOVE with this dress! It wasn't cheap at $74.99 but I really loved it. The dress is called "Teal The Show")

I also bought my dress rehearsal dress and I can't wait to share that in a few weeks. I really like this next dress and it was a decent price. I think I can wear these dresses to work too! At least the first one.

(This dress is called "Atmosphere" and it was $42.99)

I really like Mod Cloth and if you search online for coupons there are some great ones. I got $15 off! I look forward to enjoying my shower, wearing my dresses and writing about the showers!

Where did you find your shower dresses?


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  2. awesome dresses.... I might be buying both of those hehe

  3. I love your style...I only wish I could pull off the things you wear!

  4. these are amazing and such good prices. going to check out mod cloth immediately.