Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Awesomeness of my dress designer!

I had another fitting this weekend of my dress - we will talk about that at a later day because it was tight and that is because I have been sitting recovering from surgery - weight loss post to come. The design is coming together brilliantly and I am thrilled. My dress designer Michele Nassaney is just awesome. She recently shared some new photos of her dresses with me and I wanted to share them. It makes me so excited to see them and know that soon my dress will be among these beauties! The ideas are so original.

This first one is probably my favorite. It is the closest style to my actual dress, the model is tiny - again more on my own weight struggles to come!

Michele used some really cool fabrics on these 2 dresses.

The originality of this dress FLOORS me!! There is a bride out there that would stop traffic and the world in this dress!

These styles are super romantic. I love the necklines of both.

I also found out that Michele makes customs suits. I am going to try and convince Mr. AC that it is worth it!! They are pretty freaking cool.

I think seeing the work by a designer that is not only attainable but affordable will make other brides think about having a custom dress made. Here is Michele's information:, 917-309-8104 and her website is:


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  2. good lord the talent is overwhelming.

  3. Wow!! Awesome selection of those dresses... All dresses has stylish look...