Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wedding Rubber Stamps

I decided to order rubber stamps to use on a lot of different wedding elements (some determined and some yet to be determined!). I am so please with them that I wanted to write about them.

I decided to order the birds separate from the tree so I could change the colors of ink/embossing powder if I wanted to!

I had two stamps made and they were both custom. The first stamp was the tree stamp. It is 3" by 4" and I bought it for $17.50 (not including shipping) at Impress Rubber Stamps. I was very happy with the quality.

The second stamp was the bird stamp and it is .5" by 1" and I ordered it from RubberStamps.Net. I was happy with the quality of this stamp too. It is very small which is good but I will say that the bigger the stamp the easier to maneuver.

Here are the stamps in action!

Ways I plan to use my stamps:
  • Soap for OOO bags
  • On the invitation enclosures
  • On the muslin bags for my OOO bags (they are small!)
  • On the programs
  • On the apple cider mugs (more on that to come)
How are you incorporating stamps into your wedding? Any other ideas for ways I should use the stamps?


  1. You are so creative I can't even stand it!! :) I wish I had just an ounce of the creativity you have. You inspire me all the time! Love you!

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    My name is Liz, and I came across your DIY ideas in my own wedding planning (I'm getting married in August 2011). I LOVE your stamps and would love to use them for some of my DIY ideas in my rustic wedding. I am having a really tough time finding images to match to have my own custom stamps made. Would you be willing/able to share the files that you sent along to the stamp companies? I'd be so grateful! If this is possible, please shoot me an email with the files at Thank you!