Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Outtakes from our engagement pics!

Laura Taylor from The Darling Life Photography shared so many pictures with us from our engagement photo session. I wanted to share some of the outtakes. It is really fun to get to chose from SO MANY! I am lucky to have a generous photographer.

This is my favorite outtake - i love that i am handing him all of the "boy" balloons

How adorable is this little girl in the bottom left!! She really wanted to balloons. We didn't give them to her BUT on the way home we gave all of the balloons to a little boy and he kept saying "mommy just like Up, just like Up (the movie)". So cute.

Mr. AC - WHAT A STUD and I appreciate him indulging me with the balloons

Balloon heads!

Walking in Central Park

A close up

This is because I made him carry balloons around all day!

Did you have any fun outtakes from your wedding or engagement shots?

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