Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Registering - Why Is This SO hard?!

We did it...we finally registered and we felt like huge jerks. I wish registering felt better than it did. EVERYTHING IS SO EXPENSIVE! Living in NYC has given us a different view on life. Everything is expensive...our rent, our food. Neither one of us was that excited about registering. I am not sure why. Maybe it is that it is hard to imagine what we will need. Or maybe it is that we have a tiny apartment that we are moving in to and it is hard to imagine it full of stuff.

Our first stop was Williams-Sonoma and wow was this place overwhelming. The one bright spot was the lady that helped us. She was super friendly and gave us great advice. Once we got started though we felt sort of out of place and I just couldn't bring myself to ask guests to get us a $500 pot. I just couldn't do it.

(filling out forms at WS - Mr. AC is behind the camera)

After Williams-Sonoma we headed to Bed, Bath & Beyond. Being that almost all of our guests are from the south we thought this was a good place that everyone was familiar with. It was SOOO much more comfortable there.

The girl that helped us was a dream. She agreed to walk around the whole store with us and gave us ideas on things we should register for. She had great pointers about how much to register for compared to the number on the guest list and having a wide price range of gifts that would allow for every budget.

We started with china, and with our helper's help we started to get into the whole registering thing. She really broke the process down for us and spent a lot of time setting up different place settings, with different stem wear, silver wear, place-mattes and much more. We went through every department and debated, matched and thought out every detail we could.

What seemed to make the process more difficult was trying to imagine everything we liked in an apartment we haven't moved in yet. And planning for our eventual "house" added another level of complication but it was starting to get fun.

Some of our favorite things that we put on the list are an 18 bottle wine cellar/chiller/fridge (totally unnecessary but only $199), a complete sushi set, and a couple of cool bedspreads.

Our helper really stressed the point of having things we liked on the list because you never know who might purchase them, and if they do not get picked up by a guest we can still have 10-20% off for two years.

After both Bed, Bath & Beyond we thought alot about it and decided that if we were going to have folks spend money on us...what about supporting artists and setting up an Etsy Registry????!!!! More to come on that next.

How was the registry process for you? Did you feel guilty?

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  1. I know it gets crazy...but hang in there- it is worth it!