Monday, August 31, 2009

DIY OOT boxes = happy bride!

I have been in DIY mode the last 2 weeks. This weekend we worked on our out of town bags and they were all do it yourself style! I have been thinking about our out of town "bags" for months and finally came up with a design and plan this weekend and made them! I am really excited to share with you.

You will remember from this post that I purchased this gorgeous paper lace from Etsy. I decided I will incorporate it into the out of town "bags" which last week became out of town boxes. Here are the things I purchased:
  • 50 Gable Boxes (we went with the 9X6X6 size) from (.53 cents each)
  • 4 Paper Lace rolls from Bohemian Market ($4 each)
I incorporated my left over cream paper for the tags, used left over brown twine to tie the tags, used my tree stamp, bird stamp, embosser, embossing powder and stamp pad. Over all the idea was easy, the process took some time but I LOVE WHAT CAME OUT! The DIY process took some time but Mr. AC stepped right in and helped! Here are the steps:
  • We measured the paper lace to fit around the box horizontally. Then we cut each piece. We made sure that the boxes could still be folded down for easy transporting to NC for the wedding.
  • We decided where to put the stamp and proceeded to stamp each side of the box and emboss "our tree" on the side
  • We used our handy glue stick and some tape and glued the lace to the box
  • We created a tag that said "Welcome, Treats from the bride and groom, Rest, Relax and Indulge in the weekend"
More on what will go in the boxes later!

Were you excited when you finished your OOT bags?

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