Tuesday, August 18, 2009

DIY Wedding Signs!

When I visited to West Virginia a few weeks ago for my wedding shower my FMIL took me to Craft 2000 (a craft store in WV) and I proceeded to go down every single aisle looking for inspiration. In the "wood" section I came across these great arrow signs and had to buy them. They were marked as $9.99 which I thought was an OK price. It wasn't GREAT but it was ok. To my excitement when we got to the register they were on sale and were only $1.29. I knew it was work a little experiment.

Mr. AC decided to make this project his. I printed out "wedding" in the Albemarle Swash font and let him go at it. He wanted to add in our "birds" and I think it turned out really nice.

Next we were going to put "reception" but decided that it should say "dancing". I like how this one turned out too - I don't have a picture to share. Overall the project cost less than $5 and I like it!

Did you have a cheap and easy project for your wedding?


  1. these are seriously the best ever. Mr. AC did such a good job!

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