Friday, August 21, 2009

DIY Bags for OOT bags

My dear best friend and bridesmaid Jaime came to visit New York this past weekend and while I wanted to just hang out with her and eat cupcakes she reminded me that we had a project to do. We decided to make the bags that will hold hot chocolate and apple cider for the the guests. These will go in the guest's out of town bags. I still haven't decided what the actual OOT bags will be - they might be apple baskets or gable boxes!

I decided to buy muslin bags because I love the natural look and the cost. I only paid around 25 cents each. I got them from this website.

I had already had the tree stamp made from the image we designed for my invitations.

I decided I need a stamp that said "enjoy" and it took around 15 websites to find one...but I did. I bought the "enjoy" stamp for around $10 with shipping. I found it at 1-2-3 Stitch.

Once I got the bags (they were 4X6inches) I ironed them...they got a little wrinkled in the mail.

Then we set up our assembly line in the living room. I stamped the tree and Jaime stamped the "enjoy". I used a piece of cardboard to make sure that the ink didn't soak through.

(my BFF Jaime!)

I found the hot chocolate online and went with a more expensive kind because I liked the packages. I know that is not good but I decided to splurge a tiny bit. I decided to get Bellagio hot chocolate from the English Tea Store.

I am not sure about the tag yet but think we will probably add that too. Did you do any DIY projects for your OOT bags?

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