Monday, August 3, 2009

Overwhelmed Bee

I am stressed. There is no hiding it, no pretending that I am not...this wedding is stressing me out. I am getting things accomplished (soon I will have my invitations to share) but wow are weddings stressful.

I am suffering from severe blog guilt (anyone else know what that is like)? My wedding/life/job/recent move is stressing me out and it is affecting my blogs. I am overwhelmed, nervous that things won't be perfect, scared that people will think that things are halfway done and the worries go on and on and on.

(i need this! haha - love the old add)

Some days I want to just run away from the blogging, the wedding and elope. I won't because I have put so much work into things and I know that everything is going to be wonderful...not perfect but wonderful.

I am still a 2 whole months away from the wedding and I think that is part of the problem. I have been writing for a long time about this wedding and it isn't like I am running out of things to is that there is SOOOO much to say. I think I just need to get my act together.

Mr. AC and I moved in together on Friday. It isthe first time we have lived together in our 6 year relationship. I hate moving but I am so excited to be in the same place as Mr. AC (Alan). There are a lot of emotions associated with moving for me though. I am leaving my amazing New York City apartment to move to a borough (Queens) (for those of you not familiar with NYC - this is a HUGE change). I am leaving my roommate and best friend Patrick...who has been NYC to me. Living with Mr. AC will be less stressful. He calms me down, he cooks and he is incredibly helpful with DIY projects. I know that things will get better but it is a bit tough right now.

I had to vent and I had to apologize. You are all stepping up to the plate, creating great blogs, adding great comments and sharing wonderful projects. I have a lot to share in the coming weeks but just had to get the feeings out there....I never thought I would be one of those people to say weddings are stressful...BUT THEY ARE!

Has anyone else felt this way? Any advice? Thanks for listening! And more to come from me soon!


  1. my fiance officially moved in on friday as well. he brought along with him a couple interesting things, including a 4-inch tall statue-type-thing of a man playing the piano and laughing. he claims it reminds him of jazz. i claim its ridiculous.
    oh the joys of being nearly-weds! :)

  2. i wish I was there to help so badly! know that I am here for you if you need anything. remember to make peace with the moment....that or try heroin.