Friday, September 18, 2009

Birds on the table!

When I was in North Carolina for my shower/brunch/bachelorette extravaganza I had to take advantage of the craft stores. I have been on a hunt for birds to put on the tables. I got inspiration from these weddings where birds look so adorable on the table.

(Photo via Once Wed by Jose Villa)

I got sooooo lucky when I walked into Michaels and they had their fall stuff on sale to make room for the holiday stuff(who knew…it is only September!). I found these ADORABLE birds. They had 2 sizes and the little ones were only $1.50 and the big ones were $2. I decided to buy them all. I thought I could but 2 on each table. I am excited!

I have to decide if I want to keep them the colors that they are or pain them another color. My mom and sister both thought I should keep them the brown tones because it “goes with a fall theme” but I am tempted to spray paint them a flat color, like a gray or antique white.

(this is my attempt to show what the birds would look like if they were painted)

As a reminder here is my inspiration board for the whole wedding.

What do you think, should I leave the birds the way they are or should I spray paint them?

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  1. I think you should spray them, a matt steel grey would be really lovely against the colours in your inspiration board. Then you would still get the interesting texture on them without the random colour.