Thursday, September 17, 2009

Take a shawl and snuggle

I wrote about a shawl basket that I loved and decided to borrow the idea! Well I received my shawls and I love them and of course had to create some adorable signs and tags to go with them. We are super lucky to already have a great basket from Mr. AC’s mom that we are going to use.

We decided to only have around 22 shawls. I think (if I am being honest) that these shawls were more for the “idea” or “look” of having shawls. I am not sure anyone will actually use them and if they do…there aren’t very many. I am pretty sure I should have gotten more or not used them but after going through SOOO much trouble I am going to put them out.

The tags I designed in Msft Word (as usual) and I decided to take my birds and create a new image to use. I wanted to keep the bird thing but knew that people might get tired of the branches.

I really hope that the guests like them and that some of them aren't irked by not getting one.

We are trying to decide where to put the basket. Part of me feels like putting it before people go down the aisle and the other makes me think it makes more sense on the porch where cocktail hour is being held. Where do you think it should go?


  1. Love the birds and the font you're using! I love the idea of providing shawls too. I'm thinking maybe the porch~what time is the wedding?

  2. I love all of your wedding paper products and would love to DIY something for my October 2012 wedding. Any chance you would be willing to share any of your templates for a fee? Email me at Thanks!