Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And they wore flowers in their hair.

Once we picked the girls dresses I knew that I wanted them to have headpieces. I battled with the headpieces finding SOOO many that I loved on Etsy and online. I was willing to spend the money to buy them. I thought the time it would take me to make them would be too much to handle.

But then I made the mistake of going to the trim shop (living in NYC is a luxury for this reason…there are amazing trim shops all around). I walked into the trim store and found these gorgeous ribbon flowers. And they even had the exact navy that my bridesmaid dresses were. I thought that all navy would be too much so I looked to see what else I could find. I found a really nice gray and decided to get that too. And then I got to work on these DIY headbands.

The flowers were all connected to mesh already so I needed to get the following supplies:
• Needle and thread
• Felt (for backing)
• Headbands & clips for securing
• Hot glue gun
• Beads for decoration

I separated each flower and got to designing. I didn’t want them all to have the exact same ones but wanted to make 3 examples for them to choose from. Here are the designs I came up with.

Design 1: No headband - just 3 flowers secured to a clip

Design 2: 4 flowers secured to a headband!

Design 3: 3 flowers secured to a headband

I secured each of the flowers to the felt and then glued the clips and headbands to the felt.

Adding the beads was a last minute decision. I felt like the beads gave it a more polished look.

I will also make a boutonniere to match for Patrick (my bridesman) and a few flowers for my cousin who is singing, my FSIL who is reading and my friend Becky who is reading. I am going to make a small one for my mom but she probably won’t wear it!

It was so fulfilling to finish. Did you feel this way when you finished your projects?


  1. Which trim shop did you get the flowers from?

  2. Love this.. so beautiful.. and love the color and felt so warm and so pretty !!!

  3. I am so impressed Carolyn! How do you find the time to do all these things! I cannot wait to see it all come together! We're counting down the days (and I'm sure you are too!)