Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh how you SPARKLE! DIY Project

There are SOOOOO many details and pictures coming over the next few weeks but I wanted to share a few more projects that I haven't yet shared.

Like many other couples we decided to go the sparkler route for our send off. They make for amazing pictures. Of course I really wanted the sparklers to not be just sitting there so I used some of my left over wood grain paper and printed the words “thank you for adding SPARKLE to our day” and cut out 1” by 8” tags for the sparklers to sit in.

I created a template in Msft Word and just printed them on the handy home printer.

I also wanted the match books to have a little something special so I created some little matchbooks. More on that to come.

(photo by the amazing anna naphtali - lots more to come!)

Did you use sparklers at your wedding? How did you display them?

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