Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DIY Bird Reserved Signs

So in my last post I showed you the table/place cards that almost were. Sadly I had to leave that project in the dust due to time but decided that my reserve signs had to be rockin! As usual I turned to my handy Msft Word to create a template.

I was trying to explain the project to Mr. AC. I said "image a reserve sign that is printed on our woodgrain paper and has a bird sitting on top". He didn't get it so I drew this little sketch to show him.

He loved it so I got to work. I thought about it for a little while and though. If I print on a whole sheet of the paper but place the bird on the top line (the fold line) I can use my exacto knife and cut the bird out. There will be an opening (backwords bird) on the backside but that can face the centerpiece and no one will see it. I did a test and IT WORKED!!! I was so happy.

(you can really see the woodgrain in this picture!)

I decided to print 8. And I think they look really good. It was a very simple project. I used the Albemarle Swash free font for the "reserve".

Did you spice up your "Reserve" signs?

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  1. So cute! My Sweetie is a carpenter~where did you get the wood grain paper??