Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Seating Cards That Almost Were

I am so sad that I am abandoning this project. I really loved it and when I did it DIY style I just got so excited. I wish that there was a way to make it work but the amount of time it would take to cut out each bird has slipped away.

Basically the idea was for the birds to serve as placecards and sit on each glass. I designed a template in word and basically just traced the birds in Paint (from my invitations) and rotated them. I connected 2 birds at the top so that when I cut them they would be together at the top. Sort of like a table tent.

I then cut them out and cut a little slit so they would sit on the rim of the glass.

We decided that we will not have assigned seats and we will just have reserved tables. I didn't want to have just plain "Reserved" signs so coming up next I will show you what we decided to do.

Did you abandon any DIY projects that you loved?

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