Tuesday, October 20, 2009

12 things I loved the most about our wedding.

There is so much to talk about. So many projects to share. So many pictures to show. I don't even know where to begin. I wanted to start with 12 things that I loved about the wedding. You will remember that before I left I wrote about 10 things I was most excited about and I thought it might be nice to write about the 12 things that I loved the most.

1. Taking a week off before the wedding was SOOOO worth it. It was amazing. Getting to indulge in being a bride was so wonderful. I did so many things the week before the wedding that were wonderful.

2. I loved getting to spend time before the wedding with some of my dear friends. I went hiking with my bridesman (former roommie) Patrick and my MOH and sister Meg. We had a great time on top of a mountain overlooking my favorite place on earth Boone, NC which is very close to where the wedding took place. We had such a great time playing around and pretending to fly!

(my bridesman Patrick and sister MOH Meg flying!)

(yes we found some corn!)

(we found some cows!)

3. Spending a few days with one of my bridesmaids Morgann and her family was amazing. They hosted me and treated me like a PRINCESS. The room I was in was beautiful, we had a gorgeous fireplace, delicious food, a new fresh towel every day. The impact they made on my week I could never put into words. We spent an entire day baking and preparing for for the candy bar and I even got to spend time with Morgann's Nana who had a birthday and great news regarding her cancer taking a hike (she got a great report from the Dr.)!

4. I loved having dinner with a group of friends in Boone. Mr. AC still hadn't arrived but I really loved getting to see some of the groomsman and getting to drink yummy drinks and eat good food.5. I loved getting our marriage license. We waited until the Thursday before the wedding to do it (cut it close!) but it was fun being in our town and making things official.

6. I loved checking into the villa where the wedding was and settling into my sick room. It was huge and had a fireplace. It had french doors that looked out onto the winery. It was so comforting knowing that we would be in the same location for the whole weekend.

7. I loved the bridal luncheon my grandmother and sister threw for me. I loved the hats we got to wear (more to come).

8. I loved our rehearsal dinner. Everyone had so much fun and Mr. AC and I got to dance and laugh and relax. We had a bluegrass band and they rocked! (more to come!).

9. I loved having my family and the bridal party all in one location. We were able to get up the morning of the wedding and just relax.

10. I loved having a bridal shoot on top of a mountain and in a Christmas tree field! It was so cool. (More to come!)

(photo by Anna Naphtali Photography- more to come from Anna!)

(photo by Anna Naphtali Photography- more to come from Anna!)

11. I loved walking down the aisle with both my mom and my dad. It made everything perfect. And my mom looked so amazing.

12. I loved seeing how happy Mr. AC was. He was BEAMING! I loved the live music at the ceremony and that at the end of the aisle after the ceremony Mr. AC and I danced together to the end of the song. It was perfect.

I have so much more to come but I wanted to share some of my favorite moments so far. I honestly could write 100 because it was SOOOO perfect.

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  1. Congratulations! I love everything you've posted! It looked like a very memorable event. Congrats to you both!