Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My bridesaman and a kick butt video

I had a bridesman in the wedding. He is my best friend Patrick. He came from New York City to be part of the wedding and it was better because he was there. He is a huge part of my life. Each week Patrick and I do a vlog on YouTube about reality television. And we decided to do a wedding vlog because our viewers were interested. I wanted to share it with the hive!

All of our vlogs start the same way "Hi the is Pat and Carolyn" so this one starts that way too!

We had an official videographer at the wedding (Focal Point Cinematic) and soon I will get to see their video but in the mean time I have been watching this video over and over! Hope you enjoy it.


  1. Congratulations! I read on a reply on Patrick's blog that you are 34? A girl thought he was 30 and you 25 and it said you are 34 and let me tell you girl you look like you are 23 years old max so in other words 9 years younger and fabulous! (if it is true you are 34)
    You made a gorgeous bride, many years of happiness! Mazel tov!

  2. @Frances hahaha we're so mean to each other!

    Carolyn and I are both 27!

    Yay for internet rumors :)