Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Time: The Recaps Begin - A Tea Party

I am so excited to start my recaps. I think this will be really fun. I am also going to continue to post projects and if you see something that you want to see more of just let me know!!

How did I choose the "It's Time" as a theme for the recaps. If any of you are Steel Magnolia fans you will remember the part just before Shelby (Julia Roberts) walks down the aisle she says "Daddy, it's time" and he asks "what" and she repeats "its time" and he says "oh...IT'S TIME".
..I love that part!

We started the wedding weekend out with a Bridal Luncheon for me and a hike for Mr. AC. My sister and MOH Meg and my grandmother threw the luncheon. It was at an adorable "tea room" called The Azalea Inn. The tea was all about hats and tea...oh and yummy treats. We all gathered in the sitting room and decided what hats we wanted to put on. There were so many fun choices!

We picked our hats and took millions of pictures. It was such a great ice breaker to see everyone in different hats. We all laughed a lot. It was fun!

(MOH and #1 sister!)

(my mom's best friend!)

(my amazing photographer cousin Dorsett - she took most of these pictures)

(MOB and MOG)

Each guest got to choose from 20 teas and we all got our own tea pot. Aren't they so adorable! I love the fabric sleeves that the owner used. Once we got our tea we also got a delicious spread of food. From cucumber sandwiches to scones and chocolate covered strawberries. It was SOOOOO yummy.

We sat at dining tables throughout the tea room. It was fun to have Mr. AC's grandmother and my grandmother sitting together.

The tea was such a wonderful treat and we had such a great time being together and being dressed up! It was the start to a fantastic wedding weekend.

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  1. my favorite line is "Malynn, you got a reindeer up your butt?"