Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner Wine - DIY labels

Our rehearsal dinner had a theme (I promise to share pics soon!). It was a country bluegrass event but not cheesy country (if you know what I mean). We decided to have beer and wine at the event but I wanted the wine to of course have some custom labels.

I came up with a quick design to match the rehearsal dinner invitations and really love how they turned out.

(here is a reminder of what our rehearsal dinner invitation looked like)

Each label is 10” by 3”. I wanted to have a little overlap so I could tape it together. I also made 2 different types of labels. Some for Shiraz and some for Cabernet.

I did the design in word and it was super simple. I just added a few text boxes that were 10” x 3” and threw the design elements in from my RD invites.

(cheap wine from Trader Joe's)

(photo by Anna Naphtali Photography- more to come from Anna!)

I printed them on my home computer and they worked perfectly!

Did you create any DIY projects for your Rehearsal Dinner?


  1. I've been following you on WeddingBee but just now found your blog here. (That sounds kinda creepy, sorry!) I love how you paid so much attention to all the details throughout the whole entire wedding. Great work, can't wait to see your wedding pics!

  2. I came across your blog while looking for some DIY goody bag ideas for my daughter's Bday parties. I love all stuff! Where did you get all that woodgrain paper??

  3. Hi Laura - Thanks for reading!! The wood paper is from a company called Gmund. I love it!!