Thursday, February 5, 2009

DIY Save-The-Dates Part 1

I wish I could remember where I found this idea. I saw it on an amazing blog and lost the favorite link (if anyone sees it please share!). The version I saw was using vellum envelopes to enclose magnets and I loved them. I decided to create my own version and after months of designing a few weeks ago I got to work.

Step 1: Creating a magnet
Let me start by saying I am not the biggest magnet fan. I hate flimsy magnets (picky I KNOW!). I like sturdy magnets and went on a hunt. I found a few versions but finally found business card magnets that you DIY. It is easy just create a business card and stick it to the magnet. I went through about 2 months of designing the magnet and finally settled on one. I headed to New Hampshire so Mr. Apple Cider could help with the project. On the coldest weekend of the year (-15 degrees) we holed ourselves up in the apartment and got to work.

We printed all of the images on white cardstock using a laser printer from kinkos. And then we got to cutting. After cutting 100 and then re-cutting and re-measuring (had to be perfect). We were ready to stick them on the magnets.

(Mr. Apple Cider using the scissors (i went for the paper cutter and exacto)

Once all of the magnets were complete we put them in the vellum envelopes and decided that to seal them we needed to do something creative. After 3 (YES 3) trips to Michaels we decided on embossing them and picked a "copper" embossing powder. We picked a design that matched our Albermarle font and got to work.

(this is me applying the stamp to the little envelopes)

(here I am applying the embossing powder to the wet stamp)

(Mr. Apple Cider did all of the embossing! He is a PRO)

NEXT UP: Creating the envelopes and putting it all together!


  1. what is that silver bullet-like thingy in your hand, big Al?

  2. Mr. Apple Cider looks tired....

  3. Hello!
    I love these!
    Where did you find the envelopes?